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Reimagine a new of working that feels genuine to you

When I decided to quit my job to focus on establishing my own business, I wanted to let go of all the ideas of what a traditional job was and I was pulled to create my new and personal standard. My mind resisted and was tempted to follow the conventional of what we know as a 9 to 5, but I was never a fit for that. I always knew that I had it in me to carve my own path.

I understand the multi-passionate creative, because I am one. I don't like to define myself as my job or my business, and I like to leave the door open to explore the potentiality of what lights me up.

Gone are the days where we are boxed into a label: designer, marketer, financier, lawyer, carpenter, you name it... Recognizing your diverse and faceted talents and skills, and acting on them, is what makes your journey exciting and fulfilling.

Your gifts are not random, your desires are no coincidence. They exist for a reason: to serve as your guiding light in this world of possibilities. The combination of your talents and personality is the gold dust that makes you unique, magnetic, and sets you apart in a saturated market.

This is the time to step into your power and explore the ways into a career and life that feels good when waking up in the morning.

I started Leonora Estudio as a means for growth. Not only for my own development, but to enhance the success and prosperity of my team, our clients, and the community we've grown. And with trial and error, lots of reading and reflecting, I've created a business that fits a lifestyle I enjoy and discovered a variety of tools that serve to understand and live a content life.

I am proud to be part of the 1% of creative agencies led by women, and I am committed to leave my mark and transform the way things are done, while creating opportunities for others to find a work-life balance that fulfills them. I believe that through our everyday tasks, we are helping people live their dreams and create the realities they desire.

Through our blog, newsletter, and social media, we hope you can find the instruments and mind igniters to define a work-lifestyle that feels authentic to your essence. I wish for you to reinvent yourself and build a day to day full of levity, light, and joy.

-- Alexa


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